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Kinikia teaches throughout the Mid-Atlantic area for freelance dance classes with various companies. Follow this page for updates. She also teaches children dance classes online and is available for private lessons and workshops. Additionally, workouts in all genres are available online for purchase.

NEW! Kinikia now teaches on Moxie. These classes include adult dance and fitness sessions.

Belly Dance Fitness


Belly Dance is an art form stemming from Middle Eastern dance cultures throughout Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, and many other countries with similar backgrounds. The term Raqs Sharqi is the formal name of this type of dance involving specified movements with the hips, shoulders, and stomach. There is a lot involved in relation to types of Raqs Sharqi and ceremonial dances. Egyptian Cabaret style is the most classical form of Raqs Sharqi. This is a high arts type of dance performed on stage and at prestigious venues throughout the world in a theatrical setting. There are also many fusion dances specifically in the west such as Tribal Belly Dance. This class draws from various styles of Belly Dance for a full-body workout. Begin with an easy warm-up, stretches, isolations, learn fun techniques and combinations. Unwind and dance with me!

Tahitian Dance Drills


Tahitian Dance is called Ori Tahiti. It is a beautiful dance art form from French Polynesia. The hips move to the beat of the drum. The two main dances from Tahiti are the O’tea drum dance and the Aparima storytelling dance. This class focuses on the exciting movement of the Tahitian Islands to create a culminating and exciting dance and workout experience. Class ends with a short routine giving the participant a better understanding of this art form while getting an exuberant workout.

Stretch for Dancers


If you are dancing, working out, do any type of exercise, or even if you are not very active, your body needs stretching. This is a 20-minute focus on exercises, ergonomic movement, and stretch warm-ups essential for workout longevity. Increase flexibility in the hips, shoulders, hamstrings while strengthening your ankles. Utilize these types of exercises before your other Moxie classes.

For children’s online live classes, visit me on Outschool.

Online Dance Classes

Hello! Have you ever wanted to learn different types of dance movement, but never had the opportunity? Experience the worlds of Hawaiian Hula and related Polynesian dance arts, Belly Dance, Samba, Ballet, and American dance arts such as Tap and Jazz Dance. I am here to guide you through the basics and build a strong foundation in dance. A strong foundation includes the correct technique, a disciplined practice, and the confidence to grow within yourself.
Dance instruction is great for kids and learning the arts has been known to help kids in math, writing, and other subjects. Dance isn’t just about exercise. It is an artform that can last a lifetime and create a special appreciation for all arts.
How does dance help children? It helps with coordination, concentration, and memorization. It helps with how children are able to listen and feel the music, which is essential to emotional intelligence.
I have been performing the dance arts and teaching for over 15 years. I love to travel and meet new people. I am avid about animal welfare and love working with all ages.

Kinikia available for in-home workshops
Hula Dance for Kids
Cheer Dance
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