Booking a Show

This page allows you to place your full payment deposit for booking a show. Please contact Kinikia for your booking consultation before placing a payment. Ensure that the date, time, location, performance fee, and the event is accurate. Booking is confirmed with a signed agreement.

Click here for a Contract for Performance 2018 (1) PDF or Contract for Performance 2018 (1) Word Doc version of the contract. Please email Kinikia if you have any questions.

Standard Deposit for Booking

If you have received a booking consultation and you are ready for confirmation, you can place your full payment or booking deposit here. *This is for clients who have already received a quote and schedule verification. Include your name and date of the event. If your quote exceeds the standard payment for performance please email send an email. A customized invoice will be sent to you.



Hawaiian Wedding Dance Tutorial from Kinikia Lin on Vimeo.